Delivery, payment

Payment methods

Ars Artis Orvosi Kiadó Kft. provides the following payment methods:

  • online bank card payment via OTP SimplePay (also works on mobile phones);

Online Bank Card Payments are made through OTP’s SimplePay system. In case of payment by bank card, the Waiter will be redirected from the ‘Cashbox’ in the user interface to the secure website of OTP Simple, through which the payment of the purchase price will actually be settled. Upon successful payment, the financial institution’s website redirects the Customer back to the user interface. The same thing happens in the event of an unsuccessful payment, and the Waiter can try to use his bank card again or choose another payment method.

Delivery conditions

The package is delivered by GLS Courier Service to the specified/marked address.

Personal collection is currently not possible.

You can discuss the delivery time with the courier, who will notify you of the delivery time by e-mail and SMS.
The package will be delivered by GLS Courier Service within 2-3 working days after dispatch.
Before receiving the package, the Buyer must make sure that the package is intact.
If for some reason the package is not delivered within 2-3 working days after dispatch, the GLS Courier Service will contact the Customer at the specified phone number and then try to deliver the package again. If the delivery is not successful the third time, GLS Courier Service will deliver the package back to the headquarters of Ars Artis Orvosi Kiadó Kft.
In the case of undelivered packages, the return shipping fee is the responsibility of the Buyer, and it can only be re-sent by Ars Artis Orvosi Kiadó Kft. if the package’s value is transferred in advance and the return shipping fee is settled.

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